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May this special day bring peace, happiness and prosperity to everyone. Eid Mubarak!

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Before we ask for happiness and prosperity, we should ask for mercy. May Allah shower his mercy on us.

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May Allah flood your life with happiness on this occasion, your heart with love, your mind with wisdom.

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May Allah forgive all your sins and accept your sacrifice and put ease to all your suffering!

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I wish you and your family a very joyful Eid. May Allah accept all your prayers and forgive all your faults.

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May this Eid bring joy and love to your heart and create all the opportunities of success for you! Eid Mubarak.

Eid-ul-Fitr is the most auspicious festival for Muslims celebrated worldwide with lots of enthusiasm. This day marks the end of the holiest month of Ramadan, in which the Muslim community observes fast from dusk to dawn. They abstain from eating or drinking anything, which makes it one of the sternest fasting. Eid is celebrated after the sighting of the first crescent of the new moon.

As per the tale, Allah delivered the first verses of the Holy Quran on the day of Eid. It is also believed that the Muslims started observing Ramadan fasts when Prophet Mohammad migrated from Mecca to Medina.


The “Eid Mubarak”, is Arabic for ‘blessed festival’. The proper response to an Eid Mubarak greeting is often “Khair Mubarak”, which, in turn, wishes goodness on the person who has greeted you.

The celebration is just around the corner now, and it’s time to celebrate Eid ul Fitr with fascinating Eid Mubarak images. 

Eid festival is all about praying to Allah for his magnificent blessings. It is often celebrated with lip-smacking delicacies with friends and family. People greet each other and exchange presents to celebrates this auspicious day. This is why it presents the perfect opportunity to send some you know or care about some Eid Mubarak 2021 best wishes to someone on this special day. 

On Eid Ul Fitr celebration day, Muslims wish each other beautiful Eid Mubarak Quotes and Wishes. Eid-Ul-Fitr comes on the 1st day of Shawwal which is the tenth month of the lunar Islamic calendar, following the conclusion of Ramadan.


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