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Caricature Wedding Invitation

Say 'I Do' to something unique and unforgettable! Don't settle for a boring invitation, stand out with our Caricature Wedding Invitations.


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caricature wedding invitation
caricature wedding invitation
caricature wedding invitation
caricature wedding invitation
caricature wedding invitation
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  • Are these cards printable?

    Sorry, these are digital cards that you can share on social media. We do not offer printing services for the cards.

  • How fast will I receive my designs?

    Upon receiving your order and all necessary wedding details, our team will promptly begin crafting a unique and personalized design for your wedding invitation card. We aim to have a design ready for your review within 1-2 business days.

  • How do I send wedding details?

    You can easily share your wedding details with us by sending them on WhatsApp or emailing it to

  • How do I get the final copy of my wedding invitation card?

    Once your design is complete, we will share it with you on WhatsApp for review. After you have given your approval, we will send you the final version via WhatsApp. This will ensure that you have the opportunity to review and provide feedback on the design before it is finalized.

  • What is 100% money back guarantee?

    In the unlikely event that we are unable to deliver your custom wedding invitation card design on or before the agreed upon timeframe, we will promptly issue a full refund of your payment.

  • Can I see a sample of invitation designs?

    Yes, we can provide you with samples of our previous digital invitation designs for you to review. Click WhatsApp button and ask for sample

  • Are digital invitations environmentally friendly?

    Digital invitations can be an environmentally-friendly option as they eliminate the need for paper and printing. Additionally, digital invitations are easy to share and can reduce the carbon footprint of your wedding.

What our client is saying

wedding invitation review
Wedding Invitation testimonial
Wedding Invitation testimonial
Wedding Invitation testimonial
Wedding Invitation testimonial
  • Expertly crafted by skilled designers
  • No drag-and-drop editing
  • Available in both PDF and image formats
  • 100% money back guarantee – full refund offered*
  • Faster delivery
  • Convenient e-card option that is instantly downloadable and shareable.

Are you tired of struggling with getting the perfect wedding invitation card design, and you are wondering if you will ever get it right? Not to mention the expenditures incurred from mailing it to everyone on your guest list.

Say goodbye to the typical wedding invitations and say hello to the new trend: digital wedding
invitations. Create your most original and personalized invitation!

If you are getting married and you are already thinking about your wedding invitations, you should know that these are the first contact between the bride and groom and the guests.

And your wedding invitation should be just as beautiful, and just as special, as you both --  with a world of many more possibilities and applications -- a modern, original, dynamic, and effective way to invite your loved ones to your big day.

This is what you get when you let Wish Me Dear do your personalized wedding invitation ecard design -- just for you!

Guess What? The urgent need to have your done-for-you digital wedding invitation card doesn’t have to feel overwhelming or burdensome.

Wishmedear’s professionally designed digital wedding invitation will drive your guests crazy. The idea is to have an original and absolutely personalized wedding with a digital wedding invitation, that reflects your personality. In them, you can include music and add additional information, such as the detailed address of nearby hotels (in case some guests need it). Your guests will have all the event information available in just one click.


So, apart from the hype, what real advantages does the digital wedding invitation have over the traditional wedding card print? Let’s find out…

– Great Savings: the money you save with the digital wedding invitation can be up to 80% on your invitations. You save on paper, printing, the envelope, the seal, and shipping in case you send them far away, or the endless house-to-house visits to take them. Funds that can be put into the decoration, the wedding party, your honeymoon, or perhaps an unforgettable trip expenditure. Of course, this does not in any way suggest that there is anything wrong with sending the paper print. You can, in fact, make a separate arrangement with a local wedding card print service or order online if you prefer a combination of paper or digital invitations. This way you can easily send a physical copy to your closest relatives so that they always keep that memory, while you send the rest a digital invitation.

– Ease of Sharing and Publicity: Our exquisitely designed digital wedding invitation can be sent by email, or shared on Facebook, Whatsapp, Snapchat, or on any of your favorite social media platforms. With much less money you can reach more people in minutes, literally!

– Urgency: you can have all the wedding invitations online and the same day you have them, you can send them.

– Ideal for destination weddings: destination weddings are those in which the guests must travel. In this case, the digital wedding invitation is perfect, since in it you can include information about the accommodation, tourist places to visit, or even add a GPS that takes the attendees to the ceremony or celebration.

– More Content: Our team of professional wedding Invitation card designers is always happy to help you create your own personalized wedding invitations. Providing you with a downloadable ecard as well as an online page that contains all the relevant information, photos, and music of your own choosing; pretty much everything you can think of to deliver an interactive invitation to your guest. 

Getting Your Personalized Digital Wedding Invitation Card Design Shouldn’t Feel So Overwhelming.

You Can Easily Reach Out To Us At WishMeDear For Your Online Wedding Card Needs, And Our Professional Will Have It Designed and Sent To You ! 

You Don't Want to Miss Out on This Amazing Opportunity To Take The Burden Of Wedding IV Preparations Off You.

 Wishmedear’s digital invitations are practical, economical, and environmentally friendly. You do not require much time to create or send them. Neither do you need a lot of money either, and they are very helpful when it comes to including additional information. 

In addition, if you are expecting guests to come from different countries, Wish Me Dear’s digital wedding invitation will be your best ally. With just one click and from the mobile device itself, your guests will be able to know the location, the hotel reservations, the menu that the guests will try, and the dress code. 

To give your guests an even more fun and personalized experience, through our digital wedding invitation, you can make your guests participate in the music of your big day. Or even include a link or section where guests can write the songs they want to hear. It will be a lot of fun. Not to mention the fact that they will be able to dance to their favorite songs. They will have no complaints whatsoever!


If you are already planning for your big day, then there is a possibility that you may not have as much time on your hands. And even if it doesn’t feel so, there’s no point in trying to clog the wheel of time any further, with your Wedding Invitation Paper Card. Of all the most important things you both should be doing, reaching out by mail, or personal visits to everyone on your guest list shouldn’t be one of them! Especially when you consider the fact that you can reach more people, starting with your immediate family and friends, through your mobile devices and computers, from the comfort of convenience!

The best part is that you have the best professionally designed wedding invitation e-card designed for you at a lesser cost compared to what you would pay for the paper print. Not to mention the fact that you would still have to spend valuable time and money trying to send the physical wedding invitation card to everyone on your guest list.

THIS IS 2023

Perhaps you have wondered why overcoming the challenge or thought of designing, printing, and distributing your wedding invitation appears like an impossible feat. As though the harder you try to get yourself organized, the more impossible it feels. And finding the perfect solution seems far-fetched.

You have...

Ø Thought about contracting the design, print, and distribution of your wedding invitation to an event planner which ended up shooting up your budget insanely

Ø  The idea of reaching everyone that matters to you with a printed wedding invitation card seems almost impossible not to mention those in distant places

Ø  There’s just how much information and details that you can communicate via the paper invitation card, and you wondering how you can put together the other vital information such as the detailed description for those who are traveling in GPS coordinates, or perhaps the theme music or other real-time feedback that you can easily add when you choose to have your digital wedding invitation card designed by Wishmedear’s team of professional online wedding invitation ecard designers.

Ø  The idea of having to wait for hours, days, or even weeks just to get your invitation card printed can be exhausting when you can easily have it designed and sent to you by a professional designer at


Wishmedear’s digital marriage invitation card is the perfect wedding invitation ecard solution that helps you stay ahead of typical delays and agitations that are often associated with planning for your big day!

You should consider joining our endless list of happy couples who have taken advantage of our digital wedding invitation card e-designs. They received their designs (to specification) within two hours and were able to start sending and sharing the digital invite to their friends and families… To pretty much everyone and anyone on their guest, hastle-free! Well... this is it.

And guess what? This solution is likely going to sweep you off your feet. Simply because you will be shocked at how easy and pretty straightforward it is to accomplish this feat with a digital wedding card maker online, such as

But don’t merely take our words for it. See what some of our past clients have to say. And this is only a slice of what several of them have said, in testimony, of our premium custom wedding invitations online services and solutions.

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