The Propose day and Promise day images, quotes, and videos

The Propose day and Promise day images, quotes and videos on wishmedear. True love is magical! And being in love is one of the most amazing feelings that make life beautiful; giving you reasons to smile each and every day.

propose day quotes

Happy Propose Day

promise day pics

Love Need No Demands And No Expectations. Just Sincerity And Trust!

images for propose day

Happy Propose Day 2021

promise day quotes

Promise me that you will never leave me alone.

propose day pics

WIll you be my Valentine

promise day images

Maybe I’m too late to be your first But right now, I’m preparing myself to be your last.

propose day images for girlfriend

Can I tell the world how lucky I am to have you in my life. I love you

Promise day pics

I promise, I’ll never let you go.

This year’s February 8, 2021, Propose Day gives you the perfect opportunity to express the feelings in your heart to that special someone. It is crucial to unveil the mask, and let that dear one know how you feel about him/her.

And there couldn’t possibly be a better day than the Propose Day 2021 to boldly profess your love, and let those sweet feelings flow freely from your heart, as you reach out to that special someone who has been the reason behind your bright and lovely smile.

The February 8th, 2021 Propose Day, the second day of the renowned Valentine’s week is celebrated every year by both couples and singles.

As a single, this day offers you the most remarkable opportunity to confess your love to your crush and propose with mesmerizing propose day images and attractive gifts.

As couples, it could be an incredibly special day for you to take your beloved on a romantic date so they can always remember the day and time when your romantic journey began.

You could also take advantage of the Valentine season to celebrate the February 11th Promise Day together – make tons of promises to each other.

Promises, they say, are only as strong as the one who makes them. Of course, we all make promises to our friends, colleagues at work, family members, and especially to our loved ones – to love them honestly. We promise to stand by their side. We promise to never leave or betray them. And with these beautiful promises, our relationship is strengthened and gets better with time. has a fascinating collection of Promise Day Quotes, Promise Day Pics, and Promise Day Videos to send and express love to each other; promise to stay together forever and to never stop looking out for each other and caring about each other.

In addition to showering so much love on each other with loads of affection, this Promise Day is that special occasion when the importance of your commitments to each other is strengthened bringing yourselves closer and making the relationship stronger.

Of course, if you are proposing to that special someone, there’s no hard and fast approach or specific method to go about it – just go with the flow. Whatever works for you. You, however, want to consider being creative and impressive enough to spur their interest.

If you are good at putting romantic words together, then you may want to consider sending a love letter along with a thoughtful gift to increase your chances of getting a “yes”. But if you don’t feel very confident about word-skill, then you’ve got to the rescue.


Whether you want to go for a grand public surprise for proposal or you have decided to choose an intimate way to pop up the question and put forward your emotions, propose day 2021 collections highlights beautiful images for propose day 2020, as well as propose day quotes, propose day videos and all that you need to help you stay true to your feelings.

From Promising that you will be true and honest with them – never hiding anything from your beloved that could ruin or weaken your relationship to accepting your mistakes and always taking deliberate steps to correct them so that your partner isn’t put in an uncomfortable position. Or promising to spend enough time with them so they are not let all by themselves, and feeling alone – and more. has all that you need to make your February 2021 propose day or promise day a memorable one!

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